Finding inspiration: Creative ideas for picture framing

Creativity is one of the most misunderstood ability. Wondering why? Well, most of us believe that creativity is not everyone’s cup of tea. Don’t we? Yes, we do, and we are wrong! Every one of us has a dose of creativity in us, just that it stays dormant in some. From picture framing to painting or writing, creativity plays a prime role, adding glitz and glamour to our work.

Creativity is often described as a wild mind and a disciplined eye. You often need a prod now and then to keep the creativity factor good and new. That is what we call inspiration or in a more polished sense, the muse! While finding the muse can be different for different people, in this blog, we present you with some tips to draw inspiration from and keep your picture framing ideas clear and open.

Nature: the master of all inspirations

Framing pictures bring to mind the usual tradition of framing family photos, paintings or some important events in life. It’s time to think out of the box! Nothing tops an original piece of work be it a photograph or a painting. So go out, get out and close with nature. Don’t plan it; leave everything out to nature. Sun, rain, mist or fog, nature remains beautiful and you get your much-needed dose of inspiration.

Take a walk up the streets or a trip to some natural wonder. Enjoy while you are at it and keep in mind a few tips on candids from our previous blog!

Artists: draw inspiration from your favourites

Most of all artworks are drawn from some inspiration. They are remixes to an extent and there is nothing wrong with it. We learn from those who walked before us. Innovation was after all born out of inspiration. It’s always good to follow interior designers to prod your picture framing ideas. You can frame good artworks from your favourite painter or if you are good at art, create one of your own drawing inspiration of one of their works.

If all these do not appeal to you, just sit back and savour the work. You are sure to get your creativity flowing.

People: inspired by life

You do not always need nature or a great piece of art for inspiring your creativity. People have inspired great pieces of art (think Mona Lisa!). Creativity is aroused not just by the looks, even words, thoughts or actions have the power to stimulate it. Inspiration comes from action as much as they come from creation.

Culture: drawing inspiration from the roots

Culture has evolved so much over the years. Yet the beat of the cultural drum, a hum of the prince song or the costumed lot on Halloween does arouse a sort of feeling. Something akin to warmth and a sense of nostalgia. These feelings create an electric buzz when you are surrounded and rooted in culture. Channel this energy to your creativity and watch what power it has to transform your ideas.

The places: yes they inspire too!

Places are great sources of inspiration too and it has nothing to do with grandeur. The places can be anything from the nook of your favourite coffee shop to the places that you have always wanted to visit. They can be anything, creative or ordinary, big or small. We often forget what they mean to us in our daily hustle and bustle.

Take some time and dwell in them. You will feel yourself being absorbed in their ebb and flow.

Everything else in between

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to see it. It takes very little to stir them up as well, an emotion, some things, the light tickle of a breeze; the point lies in being open to accept them.

When inspiration strikes, we have the perfect resources to help you frame them well. Add elegance and beauty to your creativity with Kwik picture frames.


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