If at some stage you have run the iconic London Marathon, the chances are you did it to achieve a lifelong ambition, or to raise money for your chosen charity.  Either way, it is a success story you will want to share, and remember for a lifetime.

This really is something to be proud of, and your medal should not be left in a drawer somewhere collecting dust, or boxed up in the loft.  Your memorabilia should be proudly displayed, and will no doubt be the topic of many conversations to come.  

Our London Marathon Frames were the first on the internet.  Each frame provides space for your medal, badge, timing chip, route map, title and 6” x 4” photo.

We will personally add the London Marathon route map with the frame when you receive it.  Simply let us know your running times upon checkout, and we will add it into the text area. 

Each frame includes a 30mm wide frame, styrene glazing front, MDF backing, and hanging clips, so you can easily hang it on your wall as soon as you receive it.

We have various colour frames to choose from, including Black, White, Mahogany, Oak, Gold and Silver.  You can also choose which mount you would like, from White, Grey and Black.

All of our frames are custom made in our UK workshop, using the best quality materials.


how to put your London marathon medal into the frame?
1.Open the back of the frame by lifting the clips to take out the mdf sheet along with the mount, and Perspex sheet.  2.Using masking tape to tape down the running bib, timing chip, running times, London map, and photo.
3.For the main London marathon medal take the ecsex ribbon and stick behind the extra mount board backing.
4.Make sure you overlap approx. 5mm on the edges of each item before you stick down into the mount openings.
5.Once you are happy with your London marathon mount placement, take off the film on both sides of the sheet and put the mount and MDF back into the frame.
6.Now your London marathon frame is ready to hang on the wall.