Sport Shirt Framing



Sport fans have a diehard craze for sports (Football / Cricket / Rugby) shirts or shirts which have their favourite player’s signature. They love to showcase their prized possessions to the people around. The best way to do that is to frame the shirt in a truly bespoke picture frame and hang it on a wall for the world to appreciate.

We are specialists in framing your favourite sports shirt like football shirt, marathon vests, rugby shirts and polo shirts etc. You can select from the range of high quality frames we offer. Displaying sports memorabilia in a beautiful frame enhances the effect of the shirt manifolds. Frame colour and the mount colour needs to be contrasting so as to boost the complete look of the T-shirt. The frame not only provides an elegant mode of displaying the sports memorabilia but also enhance the life of the prized treasure.

The shirt frame when dispatched comes with a cardboard in shape of the shirt which helps to display the shirt in a complete fitted look. A simple cloth dusting once in a while is more than enough in name of maintenance. So now whenever your favourite player is on the field and you have such a prized possession then just turn and look towards the wall to praise your treasure.


Our sport shirt framing service helps you in preserving your sport’s heritage and our experts uses specific sports framing techniques that ensures the complete protection of your favourite shirt inside. We have a great turnaround time and a bespoke service record. Contact Us  for any Query or call us at 01274 724411