When you get the news that you are expecting a baby, this is one of the most exciting times of your life, and you will want to cherish every single memory.  With this is mind, we are offering top quality frames for you to display anything from baby cast hands, feet or even your pregnancy bump cast.  

Whether you have created the casts yourself, or paid a professional, we understand the value of your precious pregnancy bump, and your baby’s tiny hands and feet.  We are dedicated in providing you with a beautiful frame to last a lifetime, ensuring you never forget those early moments. 

Why not purchase a frame for each?  Therefore, displaying and sharing your most precious memories.  The frames are also designed to keep your casts completely protected from wear and tear, and any unfortunate, accidental breakages.  This is something you will never be able to replace.

These baby cast frames are the perfect gift idea if you are attending a baby shower, or perhaps as a present once baby has been born.

Each frame comes with a 3D box and mount.  You will have a number of colours and sizes to choose from.  We use top quality material, understanding that these are the most precious items you will want to love and cherish for eternity.

The frames and mounts are custom made in our UK workshop, using top quality Polycore material.