Frame your picture in one of our top-quality Frames which includes a coloured mount of your choice.  You will also have the option to choose any size. 

Mounts are beneficial for many reasons.  The most obvious, is that they provide protection and support.  However, mounts also improve the appearance of the picture or image you are displaying, making them stand out, whilst securely hanging on your wall. If you decide at a later date to redecorate your walls, you can simply remove the old mount, and replace it with another colour of your choice.   The process is so quick and simple, you will feel like you have a whole new frame each time.

When choosing a colour, take a few factors into consideration.  For example, if you have a black and white image, the best colour mount to use would be Black, Grey, Cream or White.  These colours will compliment the Black and White. 

Something else to think about, is where are you hanging or displaying your picture?  Just consider which colours complement each other, and whether it is a modern or traditional picture you are framing.  If it is traditional, you would be better using softer colours, if it is modern, you may want the frame to be bright, vibrant and to stand out.  If you need any advice, please don’t hesitate in contacting us, and we will assist you anyway we can.

All of our frames are made from top quality material, and are custom made in the UK.

How to fit your picture into the frame with a mount ?


Instructions :-

1. Lift the clips up from the back of the frame where the MDF sheet sits

2. Tape both sides of the picture and tape one side and make sure the picture is straight and aligned, then stretch the picture and tape down tightly

3. Take off the film on both sides of the sheet and put the sheet into the frame

4. Put the mount and MDF sheet back into the frame

5. Put the clips into landscape and portrait depending on the position of your picture. Loop the string into clips and put the clips down into the MDF sheet

6. Hang your picture onto the wall