Our 3D box frames are perfect for displaying your treasured items.These boxes are surprisingly deep; therefore, you can display items such as your baby’s first shoes or flowers that are sentimental to you, such as wedding flowers, treasured war medals, collectable figures, or any other item of value or sentiment. You will want to not only keep these precious items safe from damage, wear and tear and colour discolouration, you can display them and share with your friends and loved ones. 

The great thing about box frames, is they will look amazing just about anywhere in your home. From your living room, baby’s nursery or even your bathroom. They have become a trendy and modern way to display almost anything, and will be a welcome addition to your interior.

There are various depths available, from 1” to 4” thickness, and also a number of colours to choose from. 

Each frame comes complete with MDF backing, a Perspex plastic front, which is not only lighter than glass, but just as easy to keep clean, and the fixtures and hanging kit.

It is very easy to open and insert your objects into this frame. You can hang it in portrait and landscape layout.

Please read carefully the visible size of each frame size before ordering. A small amount of assembly is required to fit your items into the box frame. 

All of our top-quality, stunning box frames are made to measure in our UK workshop.


 How to open your 1inch deep box frame?

1.Open the clips from the back, take out the box, plastic sheet and mount
2.Put your 3D items into the box frame, once you are happy.
3.Put the Perspex sheet back into the frame by taking off the film on both sides of the sheet. Followed by the mount and box and screw the clips back into the frame. 
How to open your 2, 3, or 4 inch deep 3D box frame to put your items into the box?
1. Open the frame by unscrewing the clips on the side, take out the box, Perspex sheet and mount.
2. Attach your items into the box, once you are happy with it, take off the film on both sides of the sheet,
3.Put the clear sheet back into the frame, along with the mount and back and screw back the side clips.
4.Your box frame frame is now ready to hang on the wall.