Our beautiful bespoke, panoramic picture frames are designed to display your slightly larger or unusually shaped pictures. It can be so tricky, and frustrating to find the perfect frame on the high street. It could be that you have a group photograph from a graduation that you or your child have attended, or perhaps a class picture from school. 

We all enjoy taking scenic pictures when we are on holiday or day trips, maybe capturing a stunning sunset over the sea, or a row of mountains in the distance. Panoramic photography is being used more and more, and with this is mind, we want to ensure you can frame those beautiful moments to appreciate for a lifetime.

We understand the importance of keeping your memories safe, and more importantly, remain looking in the original, perfect condition, so you can appreciate them for years to come. 

We make long, slim panoramic frames that will display your pictures, ensuring you don’t have to crop or edit your sentimental photographs. It could be a wonderful gift to present to a loved one for their birthday, Christmas, or graduation.

All of our frames are made with care and dedication, using top quality materials, and are custom made in the UK. Each frame comes complete with an MDF backing, a Perspex plastic front, which is not only lighter than glass, but just as easy to keep clean, and the fixtures and hanging kit.


How to measure your frame for your panoramic picture with a mount?

1.Before you buy the panoramic frame with a mount, here is how to measure your long picture. 
2.Get a tape measurement and measure your length and width of your long picture make sure you leave a 5mm overlap so the picture doesn’t fall through the mount. 
3.When you order you need to order the internal measurement of the mount and that will be the size of your picture you have