We all have a favourite song or album that reminds us of a special moment in our life.  It could be from your childhood, or a special occasion, such as your first dance on your wedding day, a celebratory song on your birthday, or a farewell song at a loved one’s funeral.  Our custom-made frames are designed to hold and display your vinyl, and keep that memory alive for a lifetime.

It could also be that you simply love music, perhaps you own a studio where you work, or enjoy as a hobby.  You can create an inviting environment for potential artists to appreciate your passion, and relish in theirs, really giving off a welcoming and professional vibe. 

The frames will also ensure that your vinyl will be kept in immaculate condition, and remain free from dust, scratches and accidental damage. The album title cover will be on full display for all to see.  They make the perfect gift idea for Birthdays, Valentine’s day or Christmas.   

We can provide you with one framed record and sleeve, or we can merge them together. Either way, you will have that special ‘moment in time’ to cherish forever.

Our frames are custom made for 7 record vinyl's or 12 record vinyl’s.  We use top quality materials in our UK workshop.

We have various coloured frames to choose from, including Black, Gold, Mahogany, Natural, Silver and White.  We also have a number of vibrant coloured mounts, being Black, Blue, Green, Ivory, Red and White. And also offer various coloured mounts depending on your chosen colour scheme.

 Instructions :-

How to put your 7inch record and sleeve into the frame ?


1. Open the back of the frame buy lifting the black point ups
2. Take out the mount and tape the edge of the record and sleeve on the back of the mount
3. take out the plastic sheet and take off the film on both sides of the sheet
4. Put the sheet back into the frame, put the cardboard record back into the frame
5. Put the MDF backing back into the frame then put the hanging clips into position and loop the string.
6. Hang your 7inch record frame with sleeve onto the wall