Ideal for sports fans!  Do you have a special pair boxing gloves?  Or perhaps you are a committed formula one follower, golf lover, boxing, snooker, darts or football fanatic. It could be an item you have purchased from your local sports shop, and want to add it to your collection, or perhaps you have been lucky enough to get a signed shirt or golf ball.  Either way, we understand the importance of your special memorabilia, and take great pride in ensuring you are happy with your purchase.   

We are offering a professional, sports memorabilia framing service, so you can not only keep your special collection safe, you can display it on any wall in your house.   

There are many benefits to framing your memorabilia, apart from the obvious, which is to proudly hang it for all to see.  By framing it, you will be providing protection from damage, wear and tear, fading and discolouration, and therefore keeping its value and appearance.

These would make the perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion.

There are various options available in way of display.  For example, if you chose to frame a pair of your favourite boxing gloves, we can provide you with a 3D, 5” deep frame, with the option of inserting pictures and text.  Please see an example of our 3D boxing frame for inspiration.  This is just one example of the many frames available.

Not only are there various sizes available, you also have the option of a coloured frame of your choice.  We currently offer Black, Gold, Mahogany, White, Silver and Oak.

All of our top-quality frames are made to measure in our UK workshop.