Repurpose your kids old story books

One bright idea to enliven your kids’ living space is to hang the pictures from their old story books in equally bright and colourful picture frames. Children’s imaginative world is sharp and real; they credulously believe in the stories that they read during their young and impressionable years. You can add spice to their imagination by hanging the framed pictures from those enchanting storybooks in their bedrooms and living areas. This is the better way of decorating your kids’ rooms instead of embellishing them with old fashioned art works.

Choosing Suitable Picture Frames:

You can get as creative as you want in decorating your kids’ rooms by choosing three-dimensional, multi-aperture box frames. Kwik Picture Framing Ltd., Bradford, UK offers frames with a wide range of colours, sizes and designs that can help you in keeping the delightful pictures cherished by your children suitably framed.  These frames are available in a variety of shapes (such as square, rectangular and oval) and styles (such as ornate, antique and professional).

You can also chose from a combination of six frame colours (oak, gold, silver, mahogany, white and black) and five mount colours (white, black, ivory, blue, and red).

Depending on the location where you want to display the pictures, you can have them wall-mounted or placed on suitable objects serving as pedestals. You can also get the frames custom-made in desired sizes, shapes, designs and colours. This will enhance the beauty and elegance of your children’s rooms, firing the imagination of those young minds and giving you the utmost level of personal satisfaction. Proper framing also increases the durability of your pictures.

3D Box Frames:

The 3D shadow box picture frames provide the depth to the lively pictures from your kids’ old story books. Following are the approximate price ranges of some of these 3D shadow box picture frames:

  • 1 inch deep frames:
  • 2 inch deep frames:
  • 3 inch deep frames:
  • 4 inch deep frames:

You can order these picture frames online from the company’s Bradford workshop ( with free UK mainland delivery, though the terms may differ for customers from Highlands, other UK islands, and Ireland.

The frames are made of top quality polcore material, with acrylic Perspex front. The frames can be hung in portrait or landscape layout. The fixtures and the hanging kit are included with the package. All you need to do is to insert your pictures inside the frames.

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