7 inch vinyl display frame

Whilst vinyl records are still available to purchase, they will be hard to come by, especially originals that may be rare.  Are you a collector?  Perhaps you have a stash of vinyl's you had when you were younger, or maybe they were handed down by a relative.  Either way, we all know that vinyl’s are delicate.  Left out of its sleeve, you may encounter not only a build-up of dust but potentially scratches.  Even if you don’t intend to use it again, you will still want to preserve it as best you can.

Kwik Picture Framing have a collection of 7” vinyl frames all offering something different in way of display.  You can choose a frame for one single vinyl, one for the vinyl and its cover, and even a frame to display up to 9 records and sleeves.

The records and the sleeves are held at the back of the mount with masking tape and are simple to remove without causing any damage. 

We can mix and match within each frame size and will not charge any extra for doing so. For example, you may want to add some text and images etc.

All of our frames are made to measure in our UK workshop. The mounts are available in White, Black or Grey.

How to put your 7inch record and sleeve into the frame ?


1. Open the back of the frame buy lifting the black point ups
2. Take out the mount and tape the edge of the record and sleeve on the back of the mount
3. take out the plastic sheet and take off the film on both sides of the sheet
4. Put the sheet back into the frame, put the cardboard record back into the frame
5. Put the MDF backing back into the frame then put the hanging clips into position and loop the string.
6. Hang your 7inch record frame with sleeve onto the wall