Drum Head 3D Display Frame

Perfect for musicians or those who have an appreciation for music, our 3D Display Frame is a solution for not only keeping your special memorabilia safe, but also allows you to display in any room of your home.  This particular frame is designed with drummers in mind.  There is a space for you to insert a drum skin, and a set of drum sticks.  Be it from your own collection of instruments, or a set of sticks that was once used by your favourite artist.

Each frame is 50mm wide and are available in either a Black or Silver frame, White background and a Black lip mount.  It is simple to insert your drum skin and sticks and can be used time and time again.  Our custom frames are available in either 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 13” or 14”. 

Our stunning frames are 3D, and come complete with an easy to clean Perspex front, MDF backing and fixtures to easily hang on the wall.  We can mix and match within each frame size and will not charge any extra for doing so. For example, you may want to add some text and images etc.

 How to put your Drum Skin into 3D frame ?

 Instructions :- 

1. Undo the screws on the back of frame

2. Take out the backing plastic and wooden frame

3. Tape the drum behind the mount using masking tape on the metal edge of the drum. Use plenty of tape all the way around the drum to stop it falling down? Also masking tape is recommended to hold it and it won’t damage your drum skin Once you are happy with drum on the mount. Take off the film on both sides of the sheet

4. Put the plastic, mount, wooden frame and MDF back into the frame and screw it together

5. Hang your drum skin frame on the wall