10 Inch Vinyl LP Record Frame

Vinyl may seem like a thing of the past, and technically this is true!  With people now listening to music on their phones and iPads, and all of the music platforms available online, have records been forgotten?

At Kwik Picture Framing, we don’t agree.  Most people will remember the first vinyl they ever purchased, and chances are, it holds certain memories for them.  Be it the first dance at your wedding, or the song that was playing on the radio when you first met your partner.  Perhaps you are a collector of famous bands over history, or maybe you own a recording studio and music is your passion.

This 10” Frame is ideal for keeping your vinyl safely on display, without the risk of building up dust, or worse, irreversible damage such as scratches. 

They will make the perfect gift for a wedding, engagement, christening or birthday.

Each of our stunning frames are 3D, and come complete with an easy to clean Perspex front, MDF backing and fixtures to easily hang on the wall.

All of our frames are made to measure in our UK workshop. This frame is available in Gold, Mahogany, Oak, Silver, White or Black.  The mounts come in Black, Blue, Grey, Ivory, Red or White.