How to order your vinyl record frame ?

If you have a 7, 10, or 12 vinyl record ?

You need to display your record and sleeve in one frame or just the single vinyl record on its own.

You can select the record size you have ?

Then choose the different mount and frames to match your record on the drop down scroll.

Vinyl Record Frames

Vinyl record frames are made custom-made in our UK workshop for your valuable collector’s records. We supply frames for your 7”, 10” and 12” inch records, each frame is custom-made once you place the order and will fit your record. All you need to do is open the back of the frame and use masking tape to hold the record into place from the back of the mount. The tape you use only needs to cover 5mm of the record and sleeve and won’t damage your items if you decide to take them out.

These vinyl records are reusable so you can change as many times as you like.

We supply frames for both record and sleeves so you can put your favourite record theme into one frame. We can also do a merged frame record design, where the record and sleeve overlap. This is a very cool & modern way to put your record into the frame. Look through our online shop and see the different combinations of frames and mounts.

If you would like to change the design or add a title, photos, drumsticks, concert tubs, tickets or artist signatures we can do it. All you need to do is layout the items the way you like it, for example record and sleeve on top, photo underneath, signature on the side and drumsticks below that. And send us a photo of that via email or WhatsApp and measurements of each item.

We will make the frame and post it out to you, all you need to do is add the items into the frame. So you don’t need to post the items to us. This is a complete DIY frame. You can mix and match any way that you like. If you like some advice or help in choosing your frame and making the best presentation for music memorabilia record frame, Please do not hesitate to contact us on email: or our sales tel: 01274 724411

Each of the frames you buy from the online shop come complete with the frame, Perspex front, choice of mount, MDF backing and fixtures and fittings to hang on the wall.

We have choice of black, oak, white, mahogany, silver, gold frames, also we do mount colours in, black, white, ivory, red, grey and blue.