Other Sports Products

Not everybody understands how passionate some people can be when it comes to their favourite sport.  It might be that you will never miss a football or rugby match, or perhaps you are a formula one fanatic and have the opportunity to watch a live event. If that is the case, imagine owning a signed Lewis Hamilton Cap.  Or maybe you are a keen Motogp fan and own a set of knee sliders.

Where would you display them?

Chances are, they will be placed in a box and kept out of sight.

Some collectors will have a build-up of memorabilia, some of which will be considered vintage.  Even more reason to keep it protected, but you should still be able to have it on display to share among friends and family.

Depending on which frame you choose, there will be a space for you to add a bespoke message.  When ordering your frame, just insert your message in the box available, and we will do the rest.

So, whether it’s a vintage England International Baseball Cap, or professional darts championship Phil Taylor memorabilia, our 3D frames will allow you to proudly display your cherished collection at home or in the workplace.