Boxing Memorabilia Frame

Our specialist sports framing service is perfect for preserving a variety of your favourite sports memorabilia. If you are a fan of all sports, it may be that over time you have built up a collection of special memorabilia.

For example, a signed pair of boxing shorts that you were lucky enough to obtain, or perhaps a special belt that you or somebody close to you has previously won. You will want to not only keep your keepsakes safe, but they should be on display for everybody to see and admire.

Do you have a favourite boxer?  For example, Floyd Mayweather or perhaps you are a fan of the famous Rocky Balboa series.  With our specialist 3D frames, we have made sure you can include the title of your chosen movie and any photographs of your choice.

These picture frames are popular among not only collectors but individuals who take up boxing for a career.  The frames can be hung in or home, workplace or, if lucky enough to own one, your boxing club.

All of our frames are made to measure in our UK workshop.  You have the option of various frame colours and can choose from one of our custom size frames, or we will happily make it to order.