1 inch Deep Box Frame

 If you are looking for a picture frame that is perfect for displaying your families memorabilia, our collection of 3D Box Picture Frames are ideal.    Every family creates years of memories over time, be it holiday photos, special occasions or day trips out with loved ones.   

All of our deep picture frames will look amazing in any room of your home.  Why not create a collage feature wall?  Our 1-inch frame is a suitable depth for items such as a special flower that holds memories, perhaps from a prom or your wedding day! It may be that you have treasured medals or 2D or 3D artwork that your young children did at school.  Not only will you be displaying and sharing your memories, you will also be keeping them safe from loss or damage.

All of our picture frames include a mount, MDF and a protective Perspex front. You can choose to either hang your 3D Box Frame in a portrait or landscape position.  The frames come with full instructions and hanging options.

Each frame comes in a choice of colour.  They are available in Black, White, Mahogany, Oak, Gold or Silver.