Oak Picture Frame

Choosing the right colour picture frame will help to accentuate the photograph or poster that you are displaying.  For example, if you have a beige wall, an oak frame won't necessarily stand out and may look too similar.  Pastel colour walls with gradients will look stunning with oak frames.

Kwik Picture Framing have a variety of coloured frames to choose from.  This particular Oak frame is a popular choice for those who are looking to modernise their décor. When deciding on a colour picture frame, there are various factors to consider.  For example, what colour are your walls?  Those that are on the monochrome scale look stunning with a silver frame.  For example, compliment black or grey walls with a silver frame.

This stunning Oak frame is made from top-quality Polycore and is manufactured in our UK workshop. Each of these beautiful frames is complete with a Perspex plastic sheet which is far lighter than glass and won’t break during delivery.  They have MDF backing with the option to either hang on your wall or stand on a surface.

Choose from one of our custom size frames, or we can make to order.


This is a 30mm Oak Frame available in any size