3 Aperture

Create the perfect collage effect with our 3 Aperture Picture Frames.  Over the years, we are all guilty of taking hundreds of photos and leaving them to build up on our phone or camera.  You may have a collection of photo albums that come out once in a blue moon, but having your favourite memories on display is possible with Kwik Picture Framing. It might be moments with the family, or perhaps a special event such as a wedding or your child’s christening.  These pictures should not be stored away, they deserve be shared among family and friends.

Each 3 Aperture Picture Frame is available in various sizes, either custom made, or we can make to order. You have a choice of landscape or portrait.  They are all custom made in our UK warehouse using the highest quality polycore.

Each of these stunning frames is complete with a Perspex front which is far lighter than glass, and won’t break during delivery.  They have MDF backing with the option to either hang on your wall or stand on a surface.

Frames are available in Gold, Mahogany, Oak, Silver, White or Black.  The mounts come in either Black, Grey or White.