Army Medal Frames

Every family will have sacred items that are sentimental to them and sometimes valuable.  It may be from generations before you, or perhaps you are simply a keen collector of army memorabilia. Way too often, they are boxed up and left to collect dust, or because you just don’t know where to display them without the risk of damage or loss. 

Army Medals are an example of special memorabilia that need to be kept safe.  They can also make a wonderful feature throughout any room in your home when presented correctly.  Kwik Picture Framing supply special frames for you to hang your much treasured army medals, badges, belts and caps. 

Each of our stunning frames are 3D, and come complete with an easy to clean Perspex front, MDF backing and fixtures to easily hang on the wall.

We have a variety of stunning colours to choose from, including Black, White, Gold, Mahogany, Oak and Silver. 

Each frame is expertly made in our UK workshop, using top quality Polcore which is made from recycled material.  So, you can rest assured that not only are you investing in a top-quality frame, you are also being kind to the environment.