Boxing Shorts Frame

Here at Kwik Picture Framing, we understand the importance of keeping your special sports memorabilia protected and out of harm’s way, especially if you an avid boxing fanatic.  Our boxing memorabilia framing service is the perfect option for displaying your signed boxing gloves among other items.  Each frame has space for up to two photographs of your favourite sports legend, that you upload via our website and we will do the rest.  

There is even a space to write a personal message!  You can send us what you would like written, and we will do it for you, or we can send it so you can do it yourself. These frames will make a ‘knockout’ gift for your loved ones.

Some people choose to hide their collections out of site, understandably to keep them safe and clean.  Why would you choose that when your precious gloves can be simply placed in our 3D, 6inch deep frames in preparation to hang on the wall and to always be on display for everybody to see and appreciate.

All of our frames are made to measure in our UK workshop.  You have the option of various frame colours and can choose from one of our custom size frames, or we will happily make it to order. 

How to put your boxing shorts into the frame
Instructions :- 
1. Open the frame from the back by lifting the black clips up and take out the MDF, Mount Design and Plastic out of the frame
2. Use the mount card provided inside to put into the shorts. Stretch the shorts and insert inside make sure its fits tightly and holds the shape of the shorts
3. The rest of the short tape the edges of them and stretch and tape them down using masking tape
4. Tape down the photos and title
5. Take off the film on both sides of the plastic sheet and put back into the frame along with the mount, and MDF also put the hanging clips into the edges
6. Your boxing short frame is ready to hang on the wall