Buy ready made picture mounts for your frames cut to size on our CMC computerized mount cutter each mount is cut 45-degree bevel cut. The thickness of the mountboard is 1.4mm thick there is option to buy packs of 6 mounts or singles with backboards also. We can offer bulk discounts to schools, art students, photographers and artists quality picture mounts at the best prices.  The way the mount openings are worked out are 20” x 16” frame size and 16” x 12” aperture so we will send you 20” x 16” frame size with 15.75” x 11.75” opening. There is an overlap added so your image doesn’t fall through the mount.

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Picture Mounts for your picture frames 
We have all standard size picture mounts in all the main popular colour along with backing boards and bags.
We offer the best prices online in bulk. 
How to measure your picture frame for a picture mount on your existing frame? 
1.Open the back of your existing frame.
2.Take out the MDF sheet.
3.Get a tape measurement and measure the height and width from the rebate from behind where the glass sits. 
4.Then measure your picture height and width, overlap your picture by 5mm on each side so the picture doesn’t fall through the mount. 
5.Once you tell us the internal and external measurements, we will send you the custom mount
6.Once you get your mount you need to tape it from top to bottom using masking tape to hold behind the picture mount 
7.Once you are happy then put the Perspex, mount and MDF back into the frame.