Our large multi picture frames are the ideal way to display multiple images in order to create a collage effect. It may be that you have returned from a family holiday of a lifetime, and you have multiple pictures, all of which deserve to have a place on your wall. Perhaps you have attended your child’s wedding or graduation, and no doubt taken dozens of pictures to remember the special day, or maybe you simply want to create a theme in your living area, and display a number of relevant pictures.  

If you have a large wall, these frames are ideal. Sometimes you can buy a regular frame, and it will become lost on the wall. Either way, these large multi aperture frames will provide protection from wear and tear, and will look simply amazing hanging on any wall in your home.

When choosing your frame, you have the option of a number of openings, layout, sizes and colours. You may prefer the subtle neutral colours, but it you do like the idea of something bolder and more vibrant, we have something for everybody’s taste.

Each frame comes complete with MDF backing, a Perspex plastic front, which is not only lighter than glass, but just as easy to keep clean, and the fixtures and hanging kit.

The frames and mounts are custom made in our UK workshop, using top quality Polycore material.