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Snooker Ball Display Case for Signed Snooker Ball
Snooker Ball Display Case for Signed Snooker Ball

Snooker Ball Display Case for Signed Snooker Ball


Frame Colour:

Mount Colour:

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Frame for 1x Signed Snooker Ball and 8" x 6" photo and title cut out for text

Product Features:
Made in the UK
2inch 3D Deep Frame
Easy to insert your photos and ball into the frame. And reuse as many times as you like

Available choices of Mount colours:
White Mount
Grey Mount
Black Mount

Available in Frame Colour:
Black Frame
White Frame
Mahogany Frame
Oak Frame
Gold Frame
Silver Frame

Please Note:
Ball and Photos are not included.
We can provide you with custom size or ANY SIZE TO ORDER as per your requirement basis.
We can also mix and match any of the features so suit your needs within the overall size. Without any extra charge.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for further information : Contact us at 01274 724 411.



  • 40mm Black wide picture frame
  • Bullet Points:
  • Ideal for Home and work Looks great.
  • Overall Frame Size including Frame: 16" x 12" Inches
  • First on the internet fit your All your snooker memorabilia into one frame.
  • Each 3D Frame includes, frame, Perspex front, MDF backing, fixtures to hang on the wall.

How to install your snooker ball into the 3D box frame

Instructions :-
1. Open the frame by unscrewing the screws on the side of the frame
2. Put your snooker ball into the clip by pushing the ball using both thumbs into the clip
3. Use masking tape to put the photo and title into the frame
4. Take off the film on both sides of the sheet then put back into the frame
5. Then put the mount and wooden box back into the frame
6. Screw the clips back into frame
7. Your snooker box frame is ready to hang on the wall