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0.50 Inch Mahogany with Gold line Frame (Available in All Sizes)
0.50 Inch Mahogany with Gold line Frame (Available in All Sizes)

0.50 Inch Mahogany with Gold line Frame (Available in All Sizes)




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The 0.50" Inch Mahogany with Gold line Frame comes in a pack of ten and are cut by a computerized machine to ensure accuracy. 

The mount size shows the outside size of the mount. If it is a 14" x 11" mount, it will fit a 14" x 11" Frame. The aperture of the mount is made 1/4" smaller on each side allowing fitting the picture to the back of the mount. If you buy a 20" x 16" mount for a 15" x 10" Picture, the actual size of the aperture will be 14.5" x 9.5". 
Please note that mounts are supplied in packs. It has the best price on the Internet. 
The dimensions are for display area as shown online and do not include the complete frame size. In this frame, we can make moulding of any size and quantity. 
Kindly place your order for this fantastic picture frame made in our UK workshop get delivered in 1-3 days.


  • 0.50" Inch Mahogany with Gold line Frame Moulding Picture & Photo Frames
  • Can Hang or Stand Landscape or Portrait
  • Different Sizes Available. Made in UK
  • Safe Perspex Front Ideal for Work and Home


We are leading manufacturer of high quality bespoke picture framings with professional image printing and photograph framing. We deliver highest quality frames straight to your door.

Each frame is individually well wrapped. We have solid reputation and 30 years of experience for exceptional craftsmanship, friendly and knowledge based services.
We specialize in the manufacture of all types of picture framing products including picture frames, mounts, mirrors, framed art, printing and framing, photo on canvas, ready picture frames and football shirt framing.
We can provide you with custom size or ANY SIZE TO ORDER as per your requirement basis. Contact us for costs at 01274 724 411