We are seeking dedicated bloggers from UK to review our products. If you are running blogs about crafts, frames or framing projects, home decor, office decor, nursery decor, exhibitions or picture galleries or you review any decor products then we would be happy to collaborate with you.
You can either write a review for our products on your blog or create a framing project using our products and write a story about that.
Each month we collaborate with newly selected reviewers who participate in our reviewer program. We’re always excited to read, watch and listen to your feedback on our wide range of products.
We will never tell you what to write about products, we just want honest reviews and real stories about your framing project. We want you to include a prominent link to our product page that you have reviewed.
If you have any questions , do write to us at info

Here is what we expect:

We prefer collaborating with bloggers who have more than 100 reviews on their blogs and good number of followers on their social accounts. While writing your review, be honest and be positive. Please include the picture of our product. We sometimes offer free or discounted products to the reviewers from UK, only. Please write to us to collaborate, we will get back to you.

How to write a review for our products?

If you wish to collaborate with us then please write an email to us at kwikpictureframing@yahoo.co.uk with the subject - "Want to review your product".
In your message, please send us the following information for consideration.
• URL of your blog or website
• Links to your social media accounts
• A small note about why would you like to review our product.
• By when can you post the review on your blog?

Let us know about the product you are planning to review, we will let you know your discount code (if possible) and will also credit you for your review by tweeting the link to your blog or social media accounts.

How to share your framing project story?

Simply send us in 500 to 800 words your framing project story. Please include the picture of our product. If your story gets selected, we will include your framing project in our blog with your website URL, and links to your social media accounts.

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