We are offering a bespoke framing service for all of your sporting memorabilia.  It could be that you have medals from triathlons, such as Ironman Wales, or Bolton etc, or a marathon you took part in, all of which you are no doubt proud of, and rightly so, you will want to have these achievements on display.

It could be that you have taken part in the iconic London Marathon, and raised money for your chosen charity.  This is a moment that you will no doubt remember forever, and perhaps you have a certificate or medal for your efforts. Instead of boxing them up, or putting them in a drawer, we will provide you with a beautiful frame to hang them for all to see.

By framing these special medals, you will be ensuring you keep them safe, and reduce the risk of ever losing these sentimental items, or allow them to discolour over time.  They will remain in their original condition and keep their value.

Our frames will allow you to display your items in a 3D box, with a variety of colours and sizes to choose from. Each mount comes in a different vibrant colour that will really make your medal ‘pop out’.

We also offer a separate London Marathon framing service.

We offer competitive prices, yet ensure you receive a high-end product, and guarantee you will be happy with the end result.