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Dog Facts

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07 Aug 2020

Having a dog can be a lot of fun and enjoyment, however does do have needs and every dog has unique needs to them. Unfortunately, there is no singular or perfect way to care for dogs, however expert advice from sites such as the RSPCA website can help you making sure that your dog is happy and well.

It’s estimated that half of the owners of dogs in the UK are unaware that 8 out of 10 dogs actually suffer from separation anxiety and no not like being left alone from their owners. Looking at the world from a dog’s perspective can help you understand them better and be aware to these things.

Here is a list of a number of attributes or things that dogs either have or do:

A Highly Developed Sense of Smell

Our canine friends have a developed sense of smell which is far superior to humans, many dogs rely on their nose. They can pick up scents and track people or things from this alone, therefore it’s good to be careful of giving your dog unpleasant scents to smell.

Great hearing

Dogs can hear sounds four times quieter than us humans can hear and they can also hear ultrasound frequencies. Knowing this, you must take caution not to have the volume of things too loud and comfort your pet in times such as firework celebrations which can scare them.

Enhanced sight in the night

It may be hard for us to see in the dark but it’s much easier for our canine friends.


Dogs are extremely diverse in both size and shape. For example, there is over a 110-fold difference in weight between the Chihuahua (1kg) and the St Bernard (115kg).

Dogs use a range of methods to communicate

Dogs’ use many way of communicating with each other and owners and it’s good to know the signs of communication. To transmit scent information dogs urinate on things to “claim” them, they produce a range of sounds such as whines, growls and barks and they can use their body, face, tail or ears & limbs to speak with other dogs.

Dogs are athletic

Some breeds are more athletic than others such as the greyhound which is known for racing events. However, all dogs do need some form of exercise such as a number of walks per day.

Dogs are naturally inquisitive

Dogs love to sniff around and investigate their surroundings spending a long length of time doing so.

Dogs are omnivores

Dogs' teeth are adapted to this diet. Whilst dogs do have teeth designed for tearing meat, compared to other carnivores dogs have more molars, which are used for crushing and grinding plant food.

They are able to eat both meat and plant based foods and so therefore are omnivores. They have teeth designed for tearing meet but also some more molar teeth which are used for grinding plant based food.

Dogs are highly social

Dogs can enjoy the company of each other, but they form much stronger bonds to humans and become attached to certain individuals. If your dog keeps pestering you and following you around, it likes you!

Dogs are intelligent

Dogs are intelligent enough to learn the names of their toys. For example a border collie named Rico was able to learn the name of its 200 toys and fetch the exact correct toy that was named when asked to.

Dogs are playful

Our friends are often quite playful and use special signs to show they want to play. To show others that they want to play they may wag their tails, bark or crouch on its forelimbs. This is called the ‘play bow’ and is an attempt to encourage you to play with them.

Dogs really are man's best friend

Some dogs help their owners in very special ways, due to their intelligence they can be trained to be assistance dogs. These dogs help those who are blind, deaf or disabled to navigate and live a peaceful, easy life. Other dogs, such as police dogs, can be trained to detect drugs, explosives or cancer in people.

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