Some Awesome Picture Framing Ideas for a Vivacious Living Room

Amidst all the hasty, hectic and brain numbing tasks of our everyday schedule we all need a place to unwind and to find solace in, a place we call home. Home décor plays a huge role in imparting the cosy look and feel to our rooms. In this blog, let’s discuss some picture framing ideas to make your living room livelier.

Framing a piece of art entails many attributes that needs to be taken care of. The wrong frame for a delicate art can drown its importance or make it look dull. With a wide range of options and varieties, from simple and delicate colour frames to ornate gold frames, Kwik Picture Framing offers you the perfect match to your art.

Picture framing ideas and options are endless, from simple whites, colour frames and the antique ornate ones. You can lighten or brighten your room, set the mood, ambience and look of the room by choosing the right frames and artwork to suit the character of the room you are going for.

The power of white

Living room is a favourite hangout and an ideal spot to unwind for many. They can be vibrant and colourful or soothing with light shades to set the tone, depending on your preference. White picture frames framing simple artworks, prints or photographs can combine well with the ambience of the room, if you are looking for the calm, soothing look.

Some Awesome Picture Framing Ideas for a Vivacious Living Room

Room décor with picture frames are not just about the pictures and frames alone. They also involve the arrangement and placement of the pictures and frames as well. With many new techniques in interior decoration, the scope for improvisations has widened considerably. Placing picture frames in panels made of the same colour as the frame can bring about a special look for the rooms.

One of the main advantages of such a design when done with white picture frames is the significance the artwork receives within the frame. It offers the bright look while establishing a formidable character.

Monochromatic Art in Simple Frames

While framing an art, the art and frame should complement each other. In other words, a loud painting requires a simple frame and vice versa. This is the basic rule of picture framing. Also, a simple frame brings the attention to the art and vice versa.

Some Awesome Picture Framing Ideas for a Vivacious Living Room

Monochromatic art is best framed in simple and thin frames like black, wood or white frames. Simple frames are also ideal when you would like to arrange together artwork of different shapes, sizes and nature. Just take care to put a considerable and balanced space between each one of them.

The Grandeur of Gilt

You can frame anything that you think means something to you. From postcards, old memoirs, letters or maps, there’s nothing that you cannot frame. However while framing these pieces be aware to find frames that have a bit of rich grandeur associated with them like the antique gold frames.

You can also do pair framing by taking a copy of the art you frame and getting them framed by the same frame.

The Eclectic Mix

Having an order in life and everything that we do in life is a good thing.  However, when it comes to home décor, a strict arrangement can often be too much. To keep up with the laid back look of the room, an eclectic sort of picture frames arranged in innovative fashion.

Some Awesome Picture Framing Ideas for a Vivacious Living Room

The Box Frames

An honest day’s work, a cup of tea and a few minutes for yourself going back the memory lane, inspired by some fond memorabilia that you have on your wall. If this does sound right to you, then decorating your living room with small box frames framing memorabilia will suit you alright.

Home décor reflects the character and taste of the people living there. These are only a few ideas that you could try out, after all the scope for home décor is boundless!

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