Free and Beautiful Wall Décor to suit every pocket

The times have changed and so has our idea of home décor. Gone are the days when we decorated our walls with portraits, goofy family pictures or paintings that weighed down our pocket. The modern day interiors lay more significance on change, uniqueness and the ability to provide a statement. After all who doesn’t day dream about cool, exotic and evocative art fetched from different corners of the world.

Most of us like adorning our space with all kinds of eye-candy, anything to keep the place lively and beautiful. Well, that’s all good as long as we have an art collector budget! Now that’s quite a blow as we are not wired to spend so much on décor.

It’s time we found some alternate ideas that doesn’t destroy our budget pans but also keeps our space happily decorated. In this we blog, let’s have a look at some free art framing ideas, that could fire up our imagination. Read ahead for some awesome and rocking wall décor ideas that doesn’t warrant an unlimited bank account.

The edge with Amplifier

Would you like posters that packs an extra power in it? Then Amplifier is it for you! The site packs an extra punch with purposeful printables that are not constrained to just art. Showcase your character, your identity and your voice for things that you think are reasonable enough to gain attention.

Free and Beautiful Wall Décor to suit every pocket

With the pictures from Amplifier you can ensure not just beautiful art that adorn the walls but those with social responsibility adorning the walls in style.

The art haven at the New York Public Library

The New York Public Library has a collection of over 7, 00,000 photographs, digitized prints and maps of which about 2, 00,000 fall in the public category, meaning, you can download, print, frame and display them legally. They can make for beautiful standalone pieces framed with the wide range of frame collection available at Kwik Picture Framing.

Free and Beautiful Wall Décor to suit every pocket

The huge collection can be searched through appropriate keywords, by browsing through the different categories or by the recently added items. If you have no specific conditions, use the visualization tool to browse through different genres, collections, colours or countries.

Prints and abstract – oh so lovely

With dozens of word art, abstracts, nature, nursery prints and a dozen other printables, Oh so Lovely is one of the best sites providing free printable wall décor to people, especially those interested in creating gallery walls.

Free and Beautiful Wall Décor to suit every pocket

Beautiful photography with Morguefile

Want your walls filled with refreshing and beautiful photographs? You would want to stop and take a look at Morguefile. With more than 3, 50,000 images that can be downloaded for free, Morguefile is one of the best sites to download and frame pictures for free.

Free and Beautiful Wall Décor to suit every pocket

The images can be easily sorted by popularity or based on the timeline when it was last downloaded. They can also be searched with the search bar at the top of the page.

A splash of nature with Unsplash

Snow covered mountains, cityscapes or landscapes, get amazing photographs of nature at Unsplash. Unsplash offers high resolution and free images that would make awesome wall décor, which can impart the view and feel of being transported to another place and time.Free and Beautiful Wall Décor to suit every pocket

The photographs from Unsplash are uploaded by a highly talented and generous community of photographers.

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