We all have some pictures that we are quite fond of. They are so close to our heart that we would want them before our eyes, every day. The art of picture framing helps us not just in safe storage of our valuable pictures but also in displaying them beautifully.

Picture frames are a key element, when it comes to beautifying an artwork or picture. The right frame enhances and augments the picture it contains, making it a significant component of art. In fact experts consider picture framing as an extension of art itself.Picture Frame

Framed artworks and pictures are common in our interior works today. The hanging paintings and cheerful family pictures are something that we find in every other houses. If they seem monotonous to you, it’s high time you try a hand at it yourself and create something of your own signature.

At Kwik Picture Framing we have a dedicated section for custom framing where we create unique frames and framing ideas in varying sizes and shapes according to your preferences. If the readymade frames doesn’t do it for you, connect with us, for unique custom-made frames.

There’s a joy in our own creations. If you would rather do it yourself, here are some tips that could help you create the magic. You can also find some useful pointers and different picture framing ideas at our blog as well.

Finding the perfect frame

Identifying the right frame that suits the picture is one of the first steps to mastering the art of picture framing. While a good frame can beautify and make a picture more attractive, the wrong frame can rob it off all the beauty!Picture Frame

While trying to match a frame with a picture, take into account the nature, size, style and background of the picture. Other aspects that should be taken into account while selecting the frame include the dimensions of the frame, the appearance of the frame, its material and its suitability with the picture it is to contain.

A little research could be the key

A basic understanding on framing techniques could make things easier but we are not all framing or art experts. But there’s nothing to worry when we have the world at our finger tips! Search for framing tips and do a little research on the different nuances of framing. It could do a world of good for the pictures as well as for our confidence for bespoke framing.Picture Frame

While framing photographs, prints or artworks need to be secured with better stability and hence would need to be secured with glass and mount boards. Also choose acid free mounts and UV protection glasses depending on the picture or artwork that is to be framed.Picture Frame

The material counts

Frames are available in different makes and materials, from ceramic, to wood, acrylic, plastic or metal. Choose the one that best suits the picture, style and setting where it is to be placed. Also, take into account the method of placement, either to hang them or place them on shelves or floor by the wall.

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