Things are completely different when you have a kid. From monthly financial planning to something as simple daily routines, being a parent completely transforms every aspect of our life, including our home décor! Yes, parenthood is a beautiful and fulfilling phase of life but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities.

In our last blog, we talked home décor ideas for a happy home. However, not all of those ideas are exactly child-friendly. Having that little bundle of energy at home warrants extra caution and an eye out on them to keep track of what they are up to! So, here are some kid-friendly wall décor ideas to keep your home beautiful and lively.

Kid-friendly, not style skimpy

Most of us believe the kid-friendly wall décor ideas are severely limited, which is not true at all. In reality, it opens up the opportunity to try out a different range of styles and ideas that screams fun, safety and comfort!

As parents, we all wish to make home a place that clearly expresses and displays the unique personality of our family while nurturing love and fostering creativity. And we can do it without having to compromise on style!

A kid-friendly wall décor goes way beyond the bubble covered furniture or vinyl upholsteries. They offer a lot of opportunities to improvise on the existing choices to create something unique, stylish and awe-inspiring. In this blog, we go about some tips that you could try out without having your little one mess with it.

Colour Definitely!

Light colours have an aura of its own and we agree with it. White, grey and beige walls do create a charm but not when you have a naughty little one at home. Think of the little crayons, the splatter of pasta sauce and dirt on balls and I’m sure, you get the idea!

Add a pop of colour to the walls that speak ‘lively’. Our colour picture frames from Kwik Picture Frames are built with high-quality poly core material with Perspex plastic front that makes it more kid friendly. Frame pictures or perhaps some typographic print to make it child-friendly. While at it, involve the little one in the process too. You will be amazed at the aptitude that children have for art and design, today.

Self-expression is important too!

Remember how we used to love drawing on the walls and had that uncontrollable urge to scribble on desks. Well, that form of self-expression still exists and we often find it difficult to allow them use the walls as their blank canvas. So how do we prevent the creation of these murals?

The made to measure frames from Kwik Picture Frames offers different types of frames in different sizes. Frames are not always for pictures, create blackboard or whiteboards with these frames and get them installed on the walls. They will provide a one of its kind wall décor and a solution for your ‘mural’ problem (if you are lucky!!!).

Encourage their art

Encouragement has a lot to do with who our kids turn out to be. It has a great impact on their psychological development as well. Do not throw away their little pieces of art, they might be a little van Gogh in the making! Frame those works from art class with the classy frames from Kwik Picture Frames.It doesn’t matter even if they are stick figures, after all, our frames have a way of making even stick figures look good! The right frames can make the work look attractive. Framing these works also helps in preserving these works for years. Imagine their face when you gift one when they get a place of their own!

The fun and frame package

While you struggle to keep the kids engaged with story and game nights, what about a paint night? Allot a day for paint night when you get them together to paint on a canvas. The benefit? You get to keep them engaged, have fun and create a unique personalised form of art to frame and decorate your wall with.

Along with creating art, you can also try different methods to display art like hanging them off the walls in different patterns, creating unique beautiful photo stands or platforms and a lot more. The world of creativity is quite open, all you need to have is the time and mind to dwell on it. In need of a little inspiration, read our blog on the topic and gain a few useful tips here.


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