Home decoration can be pretty fun when you have a penchant for such things. Like everything else, they grow monotonous if you don’t manage to develop new ideas to make your place the beautiful cosy haven everyone wishes for!


“Inspiration is the seed. Design but the flower”- Michael Langham

Picture Framing Ideas for your Home

Pictures and photographs are inevitable when it comes to embellishing our home. In fact, most of us are quite fond of pictures, be it family snaps or art pieces. They evoke a feeling of homeliness and nostalgia. Adding in a few wise framing ideas could altogether transform the look of the place. Framing a picture gives it a sophisticated look. Choose the correct frame and your picture a million bucks irrespective of its price!

Here are some stunning picture framing ideas for your home that are sure to make your home look and feel good.

Choosing the right frame

Every photograph has a story to tell. They take you back to some memories that you always cherish. Choosing the right frame matters, not just for enhancing its beauty but for preserving it as well. The same goes for pictures.

While choosing the frame the main points to be kept in mind is the style, colour and texture of photograph/picture and the attributes of the room where it has to be placed like colour of walls, nature of furniture and so on.



A neutral wood frame would make the picture, the prime attraction, while detailed dark wood would impart a retro look. Similarly, if the picture is uncluttered and clean, it would be great to use a grand ornate frame, preferably in gold.

Complement the theme

While choosing a picture, keep in mind the theme that you are planning to set for the room. Be it ornate or plain, black, wood, gold or silver the frames should blend in with the room and create a statement.



A room themed contemporary with say grey as the theme colour would look good if black frames in shapes that suits the setting are used. Also, if your room is white themed and you are looking for a bit of grandeur, ornate gold frames could do it for you.

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another.” - Andre Putman

Enliven the walls

Empty walls arouse a kind of boredom or melancholy and don’t go with our setting of a lively home atmosphere. They offer us a perfect blank canvas to use all our imagination on it. Hanging one or two photographs and pictures to brighten up walls is old school now. So what do we do?



We could recreate gallery walls by arranging different photographs and picture frames of different sizes along the walls. This is a best option to enliven walls in the corridor or staircase as they are the ones that usually receive minimal visual interest.



Gallery walls design holds a lot of scope for trying out different ideas. A hint of asymmetry could add a tinge of fun to an otherwise serious arrangement. Adding collages, words or phrases could impart a look and feel of personal space.

Hanging pictures from tree branches

Imagine black picture frames hanging from a tree branch against the background of ivory walls. Beautiful right? It does sound unconventional but that is the beauty of it. Such tweaks in interior design, not just bring a tweak to set conventions but offer a soothing feel as well.  We could always paint the tree branch to augment the look!



Display memorabilia with 3D box frames

Frames are not just for pictures. Displaying a piece of art, collectables, and memorabilia and so on with the help of 3D box frames would be a new addition to the home decoration.


Get trendy with empty frames

Empty frames have found its way to being the latest trend in interior decoration. Empty frames, be it the ones for pictures or the old mirror frames are now used to impart a vintage charm to the room. Empty frame decoration trend has received a lot of fervour from those going for the ‘shabby chic’ look as well.



Empty frames are quite useful in filling empty walls without giving the cluttered look. You could work with a bit of paint to impart eclectic looks. Simply adding an empty frame to a ledger or shelf could also add a fun twist to the overall look of the room. Empty frames used as decorative pieces or as utilities can add class to a room. Empty frame collages is another interesting interior design that can be used.



Interior decoration is one of those things that’s never out short of ideas. It just takes a few seeds of inspiration to bloom. Just keep in mind, whatever you do, it should go with the colour, style and theme of your interior.

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