It’s that time of the year again! The days are getting longer and warmer, with the clear skies urging you to get outside and savour it all. Yes, it’s time to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Grab your shades, some sunscreen, yes, the kids too and celebrate, after all, it’s the summer holidays!!!

The summer holidays are not just about the kids (they probably wouldn’t agree!!), it’s a well-deserved break to rejuvenate yourself as well. Moreover, it is not about the money you spend or the places you have travelled, it’s all about the memories you create. So here are some of the summer holiday activities you could try out this summer.

A laid-back summer

Summer holidays are not just about tours or outings, it is okay to spend a laid-back, languid holiday with family at home as well. What’s the backyard for? Organise BBQ parties, take out your chef hats and spend the summer evenings basking in the bustle of laughter, joy and tasty food. It also provides for a very effective family bonding time.

There is no better place to relax and enjoy peacefulness and beauty of the clear summer skies. Get the family together, talk your hearts out, organise some games, laugh, run, do whatever you please and there would be no other happier place for you in the world than this backyard bliss!

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Some fun for kids

Its summer, they ought to spend their energy! UK has some very engaging kid spots that host an array of outdoor fun and live events for children. From Polar Fun in Edinburgh with all the icy experiments and craft sessions to the Dinosaur Events offering a wild, immersive and walk-through experience.

Play centres such as William’s Den in East Yorkshire and Harlech Castle Knight School, Gwynedd (open only on Tuesdays) offer the perfect dose of entertainment and engagement for children.

A seaside holiday

The sun on your face, sand beneath toes, the sound of surfs and a sip of cool drink while taking a stroll down the beach. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? Ditch the usual plans, pack up and head for the beaches! Coastal holidays are a lot of fun with activities other than building castles. Guided fossil walks and finding fossils are sure to interest the kids.

If you are more on the adventurous side, a rip-roaring boat ride through the beautiful coastline (Dorset) at 30 knots, exploring the native fauna, would entice you. While enjoying the enthralling vistas, don’t forget to get as many clicks as you can. These memories need to be framed forever, ideally with Kwik Picture Frames.

The tranquil countryside

Leave the hustle and bustle behind for the tranquillity of quaint English countryside. The awe-inspiring waterfalls, the cool woods and the picturesque marketplace are all sure to cast a charm on you. The countrysides have a lot to offer tourists in terms of trekking and living close to nature. In addition to creating vibrant memories, you are sure to get some beautiful live pictures to adorn your rooms as well.

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There’s more to the cities

Let’s not forget the cities! Look beyond the general hubbub of the city life to uncover the precious gems they hold! There’s more to it than the glitz and glamour. Head to cloud 23, soak up the view of Manchester that would enthral you with the panorama. Revisit history by shopping at Norfolk market that dates back to centuries.

The summer tans do fade fast but the memories of the time you spend together and the places that you visited, they stay with you forever. Life is not all about work. It’s about how happy you lived. So ease up, spent some well-earned time to rejuvenate yourself. While at it, get as many photographs as you can. Memories are precious!


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