The most crucial responsibility of owning something valuable is ensuring that it is kept safe. Sports memorabilia is no different. Everyone can Protect Your Sports Memorabilia through display case or frame. The hype around sports collectibles or memorabilia started as early as the 20th century. From then on, the trend has witnessed a progressive pattern.

Safeguard Your Most Coveted Memorabilia’s With Sports Memorabilia Picture Frames - Jersey, Tennis, Darts, CHAMPIONSHIP BELT, Golf, Shorts, Drum Head

Safety measures for safeguarding these items such as safe boxes have been in existence for long. Sports memorabilia picture frames are a new and highly useful addition to this class of products.

Sports memorabilia as an incredible piece for interior decoration

Many of us get confused regarding the best option to incorporate sports memorabilia with the room design. When arranged right, within the apt frames, sports memorabilia adds class, sophistication and glamour to a room. They are an incredible addition to the living, game or study rooms and adds a dose of magnetism to contemporary decors.

The allure of these tokens lies in its arrangement, its compatibility with the setting it is placed in and the frame in which they are placed.

Sports Memorabilia Picture Frames from Kwik Picture Framing

Kwik Picture Framing offers a specialised technique of sports memorabilia framing, with its experience in this field for over 4 decades. The frames contain space, not just to frame the memorabilia but storing photographs as well.

These 3D designed boxes, contains the space for photo signature and signed boxing gloves. They can fit all boxing short sizes and are suitable for all, be it office, home, gym or clubs. These frames are easy to open and install and contains MDF backing, black frame, Perspex front, fixtures, instructions for set up and so on.

The frame size basically ranges about 32.50”x21” inches with 5 inch depth to hold the memorabilia. However, frames can be customised according to customer requirements.

Different types of sports memorabilia picture frames

Here’s the list of sports memorabilia frames available at Kwik: -

  • 3D box frame boxing gloves display case frame for Anthony Joshua 2X - £69.9
  • 3D box frame boxing gloves display case frame for Floyd Mayweather - £69.9
  • 3D box frame boxing gloves display case frame for Kell Brook - £69.9
  • 3D box frame boxing gloves display case frame for Mike Tyson - £69.9
  • 3D box frame boxing gloves display case frame for Muhammed Ali - £69.99
  • 3D Box frame to display football boot-£69.00
  • 3D boxing glove case frame - £45.99
  • 3D boxing glove display case frame for single case - £35.00
  • 3D display case frame for signed F1 McLaren Lewis Hamilton - £59.99
  • 3D display case frame for vintage England international baseball cap 1930 - £59.99


The frames can be ordered online through the site Free delivery option is available in mainland UK.

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